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The Season The World Of Debutantes Opens Into A Revealing Story Of Women Across Six Centuries, Their Limited Options, And Their DesiresDigging Into The Roots Of The Debutante Ritual, With Its Ballrooms And White Dresses, Kristen Richardson Herself Descended From A Line Of Debutantes Was Fascinated To Discover That The Debutante Ritual Places Our Contemporary Ideas About Women And Marriage In A New Light In This Brilliant History Of The Phenomenon, Richardson Shares Debutantes Own Words From Diaries, Letters, And Interviews Throughout Her Vivid Telling, Beginning In Henry VIII S Era, Sweeping Through Queen Elizabeth I S Court, Crossing Back And Forth The Atlantic To Colonial Philadelphia, African American Communities, Jane Austen S England, And Mrs Astor S Parties, Ultimately Arriving At The Contemporary New York Infirmary And International BallsWhether Maligned For Its Archaic Attitude And Objectification Of Women Or Praised For Raising Money For Charities And Providing A Necessary Coming Of Age Ritual, The Debutante Tradition Has To Tell Us In This Entertaining And Illuminating Book

[ EPUB ] ✻ The Season  Author Kristen Richardson – Loanexpress.us
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Season
  • Kristen Richardson
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780393608731

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    I was pleasantly surprised at how much than describing the rites of debutantes this book speaks to Within the framework of describing the debutante phenomenon, the author meshes it with changing social norms and growing internationalism A few debs are highlighted to give the reader an understanding of both Deb and post Deb years I found this book very engaging and I would recommend it to women s studies courses It s a delightful way to read social history while becoming cognizant of globalization and it s effects on traditions, here in America, as well as England, China and France Thank you Netgalley, for an informative and enjoyable read.

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    Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review I find social histories fascinating I thought that Richardson did a lot of research, starting even before Elizabeth I and moving through to now That s amazing and she condensed all she learned into a book that will be around 300 pages Like, wow For me, I got a bit glazed after a while, but it s still interesting I could see myself revisiting this at some point in the future One thing, though One part in the book, she talked about George V and said that he had a stutter and his brother abdicated Wrong King George That was George V s son, George VI who had all that So, something I caught that was wrong historically Hope that gets caught and fixed for the final copy

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    Disclaimer I won this ARC from a Goodreads giveaway This doesn t chance my review, but I thought I should mention it I wasn t required to write this review, it just seemed polite to do so after getting a free book.An interesting and relatively quick read about a bit of history I hadn t though much about beforeMy only complaints are really the lack of pictures and minimal period quotes description After all the mention of journals and letters in the introduction I found myself wanting to hear from the young women the book is chronicling Also, how can a book with so many descriptions of gowns and balls not have even one picture of a dressed up debutante

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    Thank you to NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review We are seeing a resurgence in women s history, and finally are exploring topics long deemed frivolous Kristen Richardson s history of the debutante is clever look at a social construction that dominated the lives of upper and middle class women for over 200 years It played a crucial role in social connections and marriage prospects for these women, and could quickly change the trajectory of their lives It could also hugely change life for their families both birth family and married Richardson ties the practice of debuting to larger social practices, and does a fantastic job of explaining the social impact on all parties, not just the young women in question It did feel slightly jumpy, though I perhaps would have stuck to one geographic region in a paragraph the US is obviously a large country and jumping from New York in one sentence to the Carolinas in the next is a little harder to follow However, it is still absolutely a great read

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    As a transport to the South, I am fascinated by traditions that I only ever saw in movies or read about in books One of those traditions is being presented to society as a debutante It turns out that this tradition is much wide spread than just the American South, having its roots on different continents for centuries I was not sure what to expect when I started this book, but it is basically anything and everything you could ever possibly want to know about the development and spread of this tradition There are several time periods discussed in the book, which can get a bit dry Overall, it is an interesting read if you are actively looking for a book about debutantes Otherwise I might suggest some fiction about the behind the scenes of entering civilized society.

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    This was a fascinating history of Debutante traditions that is actually a social history of class, gender, and race The tradition started in Great Britain after the nunneries closed up and people had to figure out what to do with their unmarriagable daughters Fathers got the legislature to grant them veto power over their daughters marriages so that they would not lower the family s class In America, the Debutante ball was a class marker and it varied between north and south, black and white, new money and old.

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    This is a social history about debutantes and covers a wide variety of types of balls historic British ones, African American ones, ones in China, etc I always enjoy reading British history and found the section on debutante balls around the world very interesting I never got into a real groove with it, but did enjoy it.

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