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Tease I Ve Never Been With A Man And I M Okay With It But Tyler, The Cocky Boy I Grew Up With, Is Not And He Won T Stop Teasing Me But No Man Was Really Worth My Time No Date Ever Turned Out Right The Only Man I Ever Wanted Was Totally Out Of Reach, Or So I Thought Until He Made A Crazy Offer One I Couldn T Resist One I Accepted Willingly One That Turned Out To Be A Bad Mistake Never Trust A Man Who Knows You Inside Out I Gave In To His Desires, My Desires, And Ruined My Life He Had Teased Me And I Had Taken The Bait Now, I Am In A Mess, A Big Fat Mess For A Limited Time, This Edition Of TEASE Contains Three Free Stepbrother Romance Books

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    Really 2 1 2 the H h were immature and their actions stretched believability Only ok if a freebie This KU edition has three or four of these step brother romances so I ll give them a try ETA Just finished the second offering and it was not good, just to warn you.

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    Although the sex scenes were pretty damn hot, that doesn t fully make a book I found that outside of the bedroom or any surface for sex, the story was weak and ended with no special finalized ending It could have ended much better

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    Ending was very weak and even though the book was detailed in the sex scenes to the point of making this book appropriate for mature young adults, it still felt childish The characters could say fuck and any other swear word, but then the autho...

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    Hot and steamy This was a very good book And I really liked all the bonus books at the end If you like stepbrother romances this book is for you.

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