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The Adventure BeginsThere Had Always Been Otters In The Stream Running Through Farthing Wood And That Had Never Been A Problem For The Other Animals Before Both Sets Of Animals Were Happy To Leave Each Other Alone.But When There Is A Shortage Of Fish In The Stream, The Otters Take To Coming Ashore For New Prey And That Is A Problem Suddenly, The Farthing Wood Animals Have To Compete For Food And They Don T Like It Lean Vixen And The Others Are Determined Not To Starve, And That Means Deciding On A Plan To Drive The Otters Out Once And For All.

[Read] ➳ The Adventure Begins Author Colin Dann – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 138 pages
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Colin Dann
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780099440314

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    The otters of Farthing Wood are leaving their depleted pond to hunt on land The foxes especially take objection to this not wanting to share, they force the otters awaywhile forces unbeknownst to them, decide the fate of the entire wood Luke Bookseller, HammersmithAn absolute classic from my childhood I grew up on both the books and the TV show, eagerly collecting each tale to add to my shelf Rereading this book was both an absolute joy and a heartbreak...

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    Like all prequels, this does not match up perfectly with established facts and events, despite its best efforts to do so The story is very bleak and pretty pointless The otters cure for the sickness makes sense for them, but I ve never been able to see any good reason why it should ...

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    Pointless and mostly boring I wouldn t like how bleak it was if I cared about any of the characters, but I don t There s some wasted potential in the meeting and in Sleek Otter s journey through the story, both of which fail miserably N...

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    This is a prequel to The Animals of Farthing Wood, so chronologically it comes first, even though it was the last book to be written It s a decent book, but I don t recommend starting the series here.That s partly because the author got a bit sophisticated over time, so it may feel odd to take a step backwards when you move on to the first written book in the series For instance, each character in that is simply named after their species, e.g Fox and Badger By contrast, the animals in this book have adjectives too, e.g Stout Fox and Lean Fox The animals never actually use those names to refer to each other, so the names are gradually introduced after a description There is an unfortunate typo on pag...

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    While the general tone of the Farthing Wood series is still present here gripping storyline and adventures had by the animal main characters there s something lacking in this prequel It s not just unfamiliarity with the new main characters, but that the otters come off as an unfeeling group worthy of little sympathy, throwing the book out as the reader questions who to support There is also a rather gruesome feel to the story While none of the subsequent novels gloss over the harsher real...

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