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Guided By Faith Karlee Reynolds Never Knew That Life Could Be As Rewarding As It Was For Her In The Beginning At The Age Of Twenty Six Karlee Was Going To Get Married, Have A Family And Then In The Blink Of An Eye Everything Was Gone Her Fianc Timothy Was Hit Head On By A Drunk Driver And Died At The Scene Karlee Never Imagined That She Would Have Been Left So Broken And Alone.Elijah Harris Was Your Typical Human Being, Trying To Do The Right Thing He Always Put God First In Everything, Even His Career As A Firefighter One Day That All Changed For Him When He Wasn T Able To Save Someone Who Needed It His Faith In God Is Tested When He Is Left With The Guilt Of Someone S Death Upon His Shoulders How Do You Live With Yourself Knowing You Couldn T Save Someone As Karlee And Elijah S Paths Cross, Both Will Have Their Faith Tested What Do You Do When The One Person Who Can Save You, Is The One Person Who Reminds You Of Everything That Was Lost

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    Review Submitted By Korena for Alpha Book Review Our own paper book for our honest review This is a story that comes full circle Elijah Harris is a God fearing firefighter that questions his faith after he couldn t save a man, Timothy, from a car accident that Timothy burned in After questioning his existence , Elijah moved away from the town and found himself with different people One of the people he met was Karlee Reynolds who was getting over the lost of her ex fianc , Timothy Elijah figured out about the connection and tried to distances h...

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    Not for meI did not like the writing style of this author, so the first couple captures were really rough But then the second half of the book, actually got worse I truly don t see any point to the chapters after Eli s car accident The alcoholism is miraculously fixed, without God They live together fo...

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    4.5 out of 5 stars for lovable real characters, Christian themes, and touching my soul For a in depth review go to ashleykay23.wordpress.com

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    I absolutely loved this book It s so refreshing to read something this good I loved everything about it It s a story of hope, faith love Amazing job I can t wait to read of this genre by Mrs Lanclos

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    Very good book.This is one of the best books I have ever read Wish there were books out there like this.

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    A Faith filled story A beautiful story of finding faith even in difficult times Eli and Karlee are tested in their faith after experiencing a tragic accident that causes them both to question God This very dramatic story was filled with int...

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    Firefighter couldn t save a man trapped in his car Unable to handle going back to work, and wanting only to be alone He was a strong Christian, and wrestled with how he failed and why he was saved With pa...

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    Heartwarming Absolutely loved the story between two people broken by a tragic death and brought together by the death unbeknownst to them Loved how their faith in the Lord pulled them through

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    Inspiring story There are no coincidences God has a plan for our lives we just need to let him guide us God is Love.

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    EngrossingThis is an engrossing contemporary read The evidence of God s provenance is threaded all through the book I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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