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High Voltage Mittens (Mittens, #4) A Little While Ago In A Novella Called Mittens, Best Friends Nina And Samantha Finally Realized They Ve Got The Hots For Each Other Took Them Long Enough Jeez Even Though They Re Now An Established Couple, Nina Has Still Not Confessed Her Love Of Watersports To Samantha The Desire That Gnaws At Her Daily, But She S Too Embarrassed To Admit To On The Other Hand, Samantha Has Still Not Shown Nina The High Energy Experimental Vibrator She Keeps In A Shoebox A Machine So Ridiculously Powerful That It Can T Use Batteries, And Must Instead Be Plugged Into A High Wattage Industrial Power Supply Of Course, These Aren T The Only Secrets We All Have Them, After All But Secrets Can T Be Kept Forever, Between Two People So Close Sooner Or Later, The Light Gets In And If You Put A Masochist And A Mad Scientist In A Room Together, Sooner Or Later, The Electrodes Come Out

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    The sexytimes continue Samantha and Nina testing their boundaries and trying out new kinks 4th book in the Mittens series.

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