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The Rat Who Didnt Like Rats Reginald Is Kind Hearted Rat Who Loves Everyone Except Rats Believing Rats Are Unlikable, He Doesn T Realize That He Is A Rat Himself Until The Beautiful Raquel Comes To The Geese Flying South Party And Into Reginald S Life She Tells Him The Truth About Himself, And He Learns That All Creatures Including Rats Are Lovable.Blythe Ayne Is The Author And Illustrator Of The Rat Who Didn T Like Rats She Lives On Ten Acres Of Forest Where There Are Not Only Forest Rats, But Many Other Creatures As Well.

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    Reginald, the sharply dressed rat of the title, snobbishly eschews all other rats, safe in the misguided belief that he is not one of them How he has come this far without knowing his own origins is not clear, nor is what he does think he is Somehow this doesn t really seem to matter though once you get into the story, which is really rather sweet Reginald is invited to a farewell party The room is filled with animals, all there to celebrate the migration of the geese for winter Reginald spends most of his time telling all he encounters that he hates rats, and won t hear anything in their defence Something his friends seem very tolerant of Then a girl rat, Raquel, arrives at the party and catches Reginald s eye He has a bit of a problem believing she is a rat Finally his friends manage to convince...

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    Reginald hates rats He has a long list of reasons why rats are unlikablewhich is unfortunate, because Reginald is a rat The poor guy isn t having an identity crisis, he just simply doesn t know that he is a rat Although the other animals try to tell him, he is insulted and doesn t believe them Even when the other animals tell Reginald a...

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    I really liked the lesson that this book taught It s a story of a rat who, as the title says, doesn t like rats calls them names and is totally disgusted by them until he meets one that tells him that he is a rat too.

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